• Helped architect, design and develop One of the Largest non-classified Archive Systems for NASA managing over 20-terabytes of data per day.  Capabilities include data warehousing, data mining, metadata, science data processing (including algorithm development), performance modeling, operations and test.
  • Architect and develop data management solutions as well as perform studies for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), EPA
  • Help develop weapons system solutions for NAVY and AirForce
  • Architect, design and develop Nuclear Power Monitoring system solutions.
  • Most of our team has published technical journals applicable to NOAA, NAVY and NASA environments
  • 90% of our team has masters degree or better
  • All of our team members has had ISO 9000 training
  • Numerous Certifications
  • Managed Program and Project budgets to $25 M
  • NOAA Enterprise Backup and Restore Solution
  • Business Process Re-Engineering for the IRS Patient Affordable Care Act (PACA) supporting the Charitable Hospital Compliance and Legislative Database Enhancement
  • Radio Frequency and Wireless LTE Interference Monitoring, Detection, and Mitigation
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • We Helped develop the GMSEC architecture for NASA GSFC which supports the AF, NAVY, NOAA
  • Managed, architect, design, develop, implement, test, and maintain system solutions for NOAA, NARA, NASA, AirForce, and NAVY in the areas of:
  • Satellite Command, Control, and Communications Systems
  • Mission Operations Systems
  • Planning and Scheduling Systems for Spacecrafts and Instruments
  • Spacecraft , Sensor & FEP development
  • Spacecraft Pre-launch and Launch Support as well Health and Status
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Science data analysis and migrations
  • Architecture studies, design and dev.
  • Test, Integration and operations of multiple system solutions
  • Program & Risk Management Studies
  • Information Technology Support
  • System & S/W Reliability Studies
  • •Data & System Performance Modeling
  • NOAA Enterprise Architecture Solution
  • Information Security Support

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What We've Done

Future Technology, Present Actions

We are a team of highly skilled professionals - 90% have advanced degrees (masters or higher) - with core competencies outlined as follows: