Future Technology, Present Actions

Certifed Hubzone

  • Extensive background in Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Metadata, and Data Mining
    • Scalable archive solutions for terabyte and petabyte systems
    • Data Ingest, archive, planning, scheduling, processing, advertisement, and distribution services
    • Telemetry Processing
    • Enterprise Backup Solutions
    • Asset Management/Inventory control services through metadata instances (including search, order, browse, and query capabilities)
    • The ability to subset or sub-sample of data
    • On-demand product generation
    • Data formatting/conversions, data reduction, data compression and decompression services
    • Decision Support Analysis
    • Message Processing
  • SANS based Solutions
  • ITIL v3 Practices
  • Scientific Data Analysis for Environmental, weather, space science, etc..Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)​
  • •Metrics Capture and Management

Metrics Capture and Management

  • Data system studies, including next generation earth science data system trades
  • Data standards
  • Earth science data interoperability
  • Science Data Processing 
  • Product and Algorithm Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Support
  • Database Design and Development
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Software Development
  • Weather Prediction, Now-casting and Forecasting

Data Management Services